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2019 Creative Writing Contest WINNERS!

The 52th Annual Children’s Creative Writing Contest awards presentation was held April 28 at Bemis Library. This year’s speaker was Len Vlahos, a young adult author and co-owner of the Tattered Cover bookstores. His wise words were encouraging to all ages to appreciate the value of writing and reading. 

Each year, since 1967, the winning entries with the Creative Writing Contest have been bound and preserved as special part of the Bemis Library collection.  These books are available for viewing in the Children’s Department of the Library. The 2019 edition will be available summer 2019.

Our congratulations to the Winning Authors!

1-2nd grade

Maddie Leuenberger, Short Story 1st

Riley Moore, Short Story 2nd 

Addison Bow, Short Story 3rd

Olivia Wall,Poetry 1st

Nell Stalilonis, Poetry 2nd

3-4th grade

Abigail Meier, Short Story 1st 

Caleb Meier, Short Story 2nd

Kathryn Shipman, Short Story 3rd

Manny Hernandez, Short Story 3rd

Caleb Meier, Poetry 1st

Lily Stalilonis,Poetry 2nd

Abigail Meier, Poetry 3rd

5-6th grade

Julia McGarrity, Short Story 1st

Clare Lessard, Short Story 2nd

Juliana Gaines, Short Story 3rd

Allie Hawins, Short Story 4th

Delaney Kitchens, Poetry 1st

Cailey Devlin, Poetry 2nd

Emily Urbanek, Poetry 3rd

Emily Williams, Poetry 4th 

7-8 grade

Courtney Urbanek, Short Story 1st

Josephine Schell, Short Story 2nd

2019 Judges:Barb Bowman, Cindy Christensen, Angela Engel and Alys Novak.

It is never easy to judge and select the winners for competitions such as this. Each child has done their best and it takes creativity and courage to enter writing contests. We are sincerely grateful to our judges. Thank you.

Committee:Diane Murphy, chairperson, Susan Meeker and Lisa Hendry

A special note of appreciation to Barb Brann and Lisa Ohlgren for their help with the contest and awards program. 

Please contact Lisa Hendry at FriendsLibraryMuseum@gmail.com if you would like to help with the 2020 Creative Writing Contest. 

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