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Friday, Aug. 10–Sunday, Aug. 19, library hours

Fill a (provided) bag with selected books for $4 (cash)

What Words Describe our Used Book Sale Patrons?

As we get to know our patrons (our neighbors), we realize each has a unique reason to be at the Used Book Sale. Let’s look at the words that describe them:

Ambitious! One young student came in and chose a large stack of teen books to buy. When asked “Why so many?” by the cashier, she volunteered that she had entered three reading contests this summer.

Word Pros and Good Friends. We have two ultra-Scrabble enthusiasts who set up a weekly game in Sophie’s Place with an oversized board and three racks each totaling 21 tiles. The game lasts hours and scores for each turn frequently top 100 points! Between turns, these ladies often shop for old Nancy Drew books, Pat Conroy hardbacks and J. A. Jance paperbacks.

Two Winners. One young Asian mom, a student at our Immigration Resources Center, shops for children’s books to read to her preschooler. She practices her English while her child shares special time with Mom.

Thoughtful. Several patrons pick out hardcover or audio books to read to their elderly parent or provide a story the parent can listen to at his or her own pace.

Real Shopper. One woman bought 12 James Patterson books in one fell swoop.

Learning from the Best. One gentleman, who is writing his first novel, sits in Sophie’s Place to check its galley proofs. He just bought a vintage little-known Louisa May Alcott novel from us.

“Won’t you be our neighbor?” See you soon at the Used Book Sale!Don’t Miss the WWW Bag of Books Sale

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