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Creative Writing Tips – Children’s Creative Writing Contest

The best thing about being a creative writing is…being creative with words.

1 Write about what you know

Writers hear this all the time: ‘write what you know’.  Think of places, people, stories and language that’s familiar and spin new creations from the world you know.  

2 Now, write about what you don’t know

Ah! Your imagination is a great resource to create new worlds! Imagine a different time, place, characters. 

3 Read, read, then read some more

The more you read, the more your creative writing will grow. Read what you know and love, but also stretch and read selections that may not seem a good fit for you.

4 Hook your readers

Your first sentence or paragraph needs to be so enticing that the reader has to go on. Open the reader’s curiosity, make them relate or laugh — most important — make them want to find out ‘what happens next?’ 

5 Get your characters talking

People on the page come to life when they talk to one another. Use dialogue, word choices, accents, verbal habits to make your story more compelling.

6 Show rather than tell

Too many details, too  much description will cause readers to lose interest. You do have to do some telling, but readers are more invested when they can ‘see’ the atmosphere of a scene, the relationship of people, and the flow of the story.

7 Write, put words on that blank page or screen

Don’t stew about what to write, just start writing. 

8 Edit and polish

Your first writing has too many words, grammar mistakes and a confusing storyline. That’s to be expected. Edit what’s not needed to keep the story moving along. Read it out loud. Then have someone else read it. Don’t take comments personally, listen, use what works to make this writing one of the best ones ever. 

9 Make the most of your opportunities

Don’t wait for inspiration. Don’t wait for the perfect time or place to write. Write every opportunity you get — while waiting in an office, during lunch, on the ride home, keep a pen and pad handy.


Now, it’s time to get started — write on!

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