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Very intriguing…may we have your attention, please?

2019 Silent Auction until March 31. Bemis Public Library

Very intriguing, indeed! You need to stop by the Library to see the selection of books that you might possibly call your own.

Young Puffin’s Wonderfully Amazing Mystery. A young puffin must solve a mystery in a Victorian house.  Will he find the missing items In this Downton Abbey meets Sherlock Holmes children’s mystery?   The book opens 360° and is made up of ten interactive pages. It’s up to you whether you want to read it like a traditional book or open all the way and make it a dollhouse.  (Published 2018)

And now for something a little more for the adult crowd…

Confessions of an English Opium Eater.  The Opium Eater is an autobiography focusing on author Thomas DeQuincey’s opium addiction that developed after he took the drug for an intestinal condition that he endured since he was a boy;  it is a fascinating story, and the book is full of striking illustrations. (First published in 1822)

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